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How to distinguish the quality of wire harness?

May. 19, 2018

Cables have different production standards as in different application fields, including specifications, thickness, material and so on. Nowadays, the aftermarket of car decoration industry is becoming more and more important, there are tons of cable harness specially used to produce automobiles. How to distinguish the quality of these cable? The following are answers to the question.


For regular cable & wire , the conductors are made of oxygen free copper (OFC) or tin copper, or silver plated copper depends on the application area. The insulation and jacket are normally made of PVC /Rubber / TPE/ TPU/ Teflon which meet the environmental protection protocol and reliability requirements. They are made by precision equipment and fine raw materials.


Judging the quality of the cable , not only the size of its appearance, but also the proportion of the thickness of insulation and quality of the copper wire. Because some manufacturers make the insulation very thick and the copper wire inside is disproportionate. For the good one, conductors are either twisted or woven with different number of strands, so that it has enough density to reduce the resistance value, capacitance and inductance, and thus output a sufficient current.


For some irregular manufacturers, the insulation and jacket are made of recycled PVC plastic, while the conductors are made of regenerated copper, or copper clad aluminum, or steel wire, or these mixtures. As everyone knows, the resistant of these conductors are much larger than oxygen free copper (OFC), and the voltage drop is much larger. This is very harmful to the power supply of 12V in car application.


Above are some of the key points that we should be noticed when doing our sourcing

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