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  • TYPE-C - 3.5mm amplifier
  • TYPE-C - 3.5mm amplifier

TYPE-C - 3.5mm amplifier

Hi-Res USB Type-C Audio Amplifier


Frequency: 20Hz~20khz

Impedance: 16Ω~150Ω

Maximum output: 35mW*2

THD: -90dB (1kHz / 0db)

SNR: 96dB (1kHz / 0db)

Output terminal : Headphone jack (3.5mm, 4pole)

Input terminal : USB Type-C 

Size: About L120 W12  H8.5mm

Weight : <8g


üUSB Type-C TID certification (TID: 5200000354)

üFully Compliant with USB 2.0 with USB Link Power Management (L0 to L3)

üUSB Audio Class 2.0 / 1.0

üUSB Type-C Digital-to-Analog Converter

üPlays all music files: MP3 to high-res

üSupport for Mac and Android mobile phone through the USB device directly output 3.5 mm

üDrives headphones directly

üVariable output drives active speakers or amplifiers

üHigh output drives almost all headphones

üOne-Chip USB audio codec

üSupports the highest resolution specification of 32bit / 192kHz

üOptimize the output quality of the computer sound files from the sound card

üUSB Type-C interface plug and play settings simple

üThe smallest USB Type-C ear expansion

üLow frequency full of strong high-frequency soft and dense

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/ Notes: The iOS will support 24 bit but only up to 48kHz. /